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Sainoi Agricultural Extension Office.

District Agricultural Extension Office
        The Sainoi Agricultural Extension Office part of The Department of Agricultural Extension(DOAE) is the responsible for providing extension services to the farmers. lays down and promotes the formulation of agricultural production plan at district level; promotes and encourages the development of farmers, farmers organization and community farm enterprises; supports and coordinates in transferring technology on crop, fisheries and livestock production and management; and provides services and supports in all sectors of farm occupation.        

Agricultural Extension System

         The Department of Agricultural Extension(DOAE) had adopted the Training and Visit System (T&V) into implementtation in 1975 (B.E.2518) and then expanded the system to cover every province. The system was carried out efficiently and periodically adjusted for 4 time up to now, the latest was in 2008. Nowaday , the situations have changed repidly and have affected extension work inevitably.The most important thing is that extension tasks are numerous, varied, complicated, and need to integrate and collaborate with parties concerned. Consequently,the Department of agricultural Extension has designed the MRCF Agricultural Extension System in order to manage extension work at the field level efficiently under the changing situation at the present time and in the future.

       MRCF System is the work process for extension officers to collaborate with farmers in a manner of learning and participation along with clear objectives according to potential, readiness and needs of farmers and community using M,R,C and F as tools

         There are 4 main components in MRCF System as follows;

        1.Mapping(M): It to study and analyze information for preparation to work, especially at field level-the emphasis is placed on map infomation wich indicates the direction of development.

         2.Remote Sensing(R): It is to coordinate and provide services to farmers via distance communication and access to information.

         3.Community Participation(C): It is to encourage participation and collaboration with farmers, communities and stakeholders by conducting various community/extensin platforms

         4.Specific Field Sevice (F) or Focus: It is to specify target area/point that needs to be developed, and preparation to work at field level with specific/clear goal and purpose.


Sainoi District Nonthaburi Province 

                    The district is subdivided into 7 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 68 villages (muban). Sai Noi itself has subdistrict municipality status (thesaban tambon) which covers parts of tambon Sai Noi and Khlong Khwang. There are further 7 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

                                                                    No.              Name                        Villages 

                                                                     1.              Sai Noi                                 11

                                                                     2.             Rat Niyom                           8 

                                                                     3.             Nong Phrao Ngai             12 

                                                                     5.             Khun Si                                 8 

                                                                     6.             Khlong Khwang               10 

                                                                     7.             Thawi Watthana                8 

         Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Lat Bua Luang (Ayutthaya Province) Lat Lum Kaeo (Pathum Thani Province), Bang Bua Thong, Bang Yai, and the districts Phutthamonthon and Bang Len of Nakhon Pathom Province.


         The country occupies a territory of about 512.13 square kilometers.The climate is Southwest monsoon. Average annual rainfall is about 1,171 mm. and average temperature 28.20 degrees Celcius.



Land use

        Agricultural areas: 83.12 % about 20,611 hectare. Community and buildings areas: 11.06 % about 2,743.50 hectare.Water resources: 3.41 % about 845.44 hectare.Other areas: 2.40 % about 595.04 hectare

Plant production

         Farmer 4,037 households. Rice 11302 hectare,Vegetable 187.36 hectare fruit 171.20 hectare


Sainoi Agricultural Extension Office

Mr.Narin  Intawong

Director of Sainoi Agricultural Extension Office.

Mr.Chalermsak  Phomphan

Agricultural Extensionist,Professional Level.

Mrs.Sukanya  yingcharoen

Agricultural Extensionist,Practitioner Level

Mr.Ekarin  Inpan

Agricultural Extensionist,Practitioner Level

Mrs.Uthaiwan  Phumpradit

General Service Officer Operational Level

Miss.Jintana  Boonchob

General Service Officer

Mr.Vashira  Ratsameetum

Agricultural Extensionist